Buy a House

Finance your dream home with ADIB. Let us help you take care of your home finance. Now avail ADIB Home Finance for your ready/offplan property purchased from developer or a ready property purchased directly from an existing owner.


​​Would you like to lighten the burden of your Mortgage today ? Transfering your home finance to ADIB helps you lighten this load with a better financing rate and more convenient tenures, giving you peace-of-mind to enjoy your home even more.​​​​​​

Non-Resident Finance

Buying a dream house, investing in UAE properties ADIB Home finance is here to help.

Finance Against Property

Get financing against your pre-owned property, or even against your pre-owned land for construction / renovation work.

Build Your Dream Home

We offer UAE Nationals financing to construct your dream home on owned or gifted land (via government housing schemes). With huge savings and other benefits , you can spend more on the things that really bring joy to your family.

Plot Finance

For the first time ever, ADIB is bringing you the opportunity to purchase a piece of land to build your dream home, with its newly launched ADIB Plot Finance.

Calculate your Home Finance & get free prequalification

In 3 easy steps find out how much you can afford, and complete your Home Finance pre-qualification.

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