ADIB Amwali account for youth is here to financially empower your children. Meet the banking experience designed for the next generation.

With ADIB Amwali account for youth, your child will:

  • Receive money from parents and family, track balance and spending, create saving goals, pay friends, and more
  • Receive a debit card to use for day-to-day shopping, online payments, cash withdrawals, and even add it to Apple Pay
  • Enjoy exclusive offers on fashion, electronics, gaming, entertainment, online shopping and more
  • Be part of an exciting financial empowerment program to help them grow into financially smart and successful adults

ADIB Amwali account gives you convenience and peace of mind:

  • Fund your children's account through one-off or regular payments (allowances)
  • PParental control features allowing you to monitor your children’s account and set the debit card spend limits etc.

Joining amwali is as easy as 1-2-3

All ADIB account holders can open an amwali account for their children. If you don't have an ADIB account, open one in minutes using ADIB Mobile App.
Step 1
Open your ADIB Mobile App and apply for amwali account.
Step 2
Upload your child’s Emirates ID, Passport & Visa copy.
Step 3
Your child's account will be verified and activated and the welcome pack will be delivered to your doorstep.
Once your child's amwali account is opened by you through the ADIB Mobile App, simply activate the amwali app on your child’s phone
Step 4
Download the ADIB Amwali App on your child’s device.
Step 5
Scan the QR code from your ADIB Mobile App on your child’s ADIB Amwali App to authorize his/her App registration.
Step 6
That’s It. Your child can now start using their ADIB Amwali App.

Got Questions?

As a legal guardian and/or custodian and as an ADIB customer, you can open an ADIB Amwali Account for your children who are between 8 and 18 years of age. The ADIB Amwali Account is an ADIB Savings Account which is designed to teach children about money management, while limiting their access to the money in the account and transactions.

An ADIB Amwali Goal Account is opened with the main ADIB Amwali Account and allows your child to create savings goals for which they can set aside funds. They can create saving goals on their ADIB Amwali Application and track their progress. This account can be opened as part of their ADIB Amwali Account application.

When your child reaches the age of 18, they should visit an ADIB branch for verification and transfer the account to his/her name. As an ADIB customer, he/she will have at such time access to our full range of products.

Only ADIB customers with active account relationships with ADIB can open an ADIB Amwali Account for their children. To apply you can login to your ADIB Mobile Application and apply for an ADIB Amwali Account under the Open New Accounts’ menu.

Yes, you can start applying for your children via your ADIB Mobile application by clicking on the Open New account option.

All financial institutions, including credit unions, must comply with the reporting rules of the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS). To report the correct information, we need to know if an account holder pays taxes in the US. Form W-8 should be completed if you are not a US taxpayer but with US indicia. Form W-9 is for US taxpayers.

The father / legal custodianship of the child who wants to open an ADIB Amwali Account for his children in accordance with the terms and conditions of the account

We need the Guardian/Custodian to have an active account with ADIB. You can open an account by downloading the ADIB mobile App.

We already limit debit card transactions linked to an ADIB Amwali Account. Purchases are limited to AED 10,000 per day, Internal transfers to other ADIB Amwali Accounts and ATM withdrawals are limited to AED 500 per day. You can also freeze, unfreeze or block their access to conduct different types of transactions and their Debit cards via your ADIB Mobile Application.

The Guardian can control the Debit card Online usage, ATM usage and transfer from the ADIB Amwali Account via the parent Dashboard on their ADIB Mobile Application used for opening the child’s account.

Children with an ADIB Amwali Account can manage their account using the ADIB Amwali Application.

You can reach out to us via our call center, in app chat services, ADIB Chatbanking and via any of our branches.

Your child can reach out to us on chat banking via WhatsApp on +971 600 543216 , our Call centre number 600 543216 and on our social media.