ADIB Launches Customer Majlis Initiative

Abu Dhabi, 06 February 2023: Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB), a leading Islamic financial institution, hosted its Customer Majlis to facilitate dialogue between customers from all segments and the senior bank executives to directly engage in dialog and share their feedback. ADIB's primary focus is to consistently offer highest standards of care and service to its customers, this initiative helps the bank gain insights and further enhance its overall customer excellence.

The latest instalment of this periodic series witnessed the participation of a select corporate clients who were invited to the Majlis to pitch their propositions and engage in productive one-on-one discussions with ADIB senior executives in an interactive format to learn more about the latest products, services, and operations.

Mohammed Ali Al Fahim, Acting Head of Wholesale Banking at Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, said: “This council, which is the first of its kind in the banking sector, comes within the framework of ADIB's efforts to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction. ADIB strives to promote open dialogue with its customers, demonstrate the highest quality of banking services, and develop administrative systems to ensure we are providing distinguished services. We consider enhancing the quality of services to be one of the main pillars in all our operations, so we seek to provide distinctive and innovative services in order to satisfy our customers' needs. We will continue to seek out all segments and all Emirates for participation to provide a comprehensive sample of ADIB's customer base."

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank was recently awarded the "Best Bank of the Year - 2022" award in the UAE from The Banker magazine of the Financial Times, in recognition of its financial performance and innovative leadership in the field of banking services. This global award sheds light on the leading banking institutions that have succeeded in keeping pace with continuous developments and meeting the aspirations of customers.​