SMS Banking Service

  • PUSH Service: Notification of customers’ debit or credit transaction done on his/her accounts and messages of ADIB promotions.
  • PULL Service: Customer request for any info by sending one of the below codes to get the required information/ transaction (SMS sending charges apply).
    1. Du and Etisalat fees will be applied when sending SMS to 2400.
    2. Service currently available for local numbers when sending SMS to 2400.​

Pull Service facilities:

REG To register in SMS service: REG <account number>
CHGM To update SMS service: CHGM Space <account number> to 2400
BAL To list balance of all deposit accounts, BAL <Account No.>: To show balance of the specified account
Help For Available Commands such as: BAL, LTX, LDT, LCT, LCC, CHQ, MDT, PDT, XRC, XRT, NAV, SPE, SPM
CPN To know coupon numbers related to Ghina Account
SLA To switch language to Arabic
SLE To switch language to English
IBAN IBAN <Account No.>: to know international bank account number

Note: Short code working in all account currencies (AED & Non-AED).
BONUS To know coupon numbers related to ADIB bonus Program
ACTCRD To Activate Debit or covered cards: <ACTCRD> <last 4 digits of the card number>
EID To Update Emirate ID number: EID <Emirate ID number of 15 digits>
FREEZE To Freeze Debit/Covered Card: • FREEZE Space last 4 digits of the card number (Ex: FREEZE 1234)
UNFREEZE To Un-Freeze Debit/Covered Card: UNFREEZE Space last 4 digits of the card number (Ex: UNFREEZE 1234)​