Welcome to Private Banking

Welcome to ADIB Private Banking where you will find the most comprehensive collection of world-class Private Banking services and expertise, tailored specifically for you. Our aim is to help you preserve and grow your wealth for the future of your family. Responsible wealth management means more than just making money. It means remaining true to the values you hold close and which have guided you and the generations before you. We share these values with you as they have inspired us to take a leading role in Islamic Banking.

Your Investment

We are committed to sharing our knowledge and providing the detailed information you need to make the most sensible financial decisions for you and your family. ADIB offers a pre-selection of diverse regulatory approved Third-Party Mutual Funds & Structured Products from which customers can choose from based on their own risk and return expectations.

Your Aim

At ADIB Private Banking, our aim is to help you achieve your goals via our easy-to-use, Shari'a-inspired financial products and services.

Your Lifestyle

We offer unlimited access for valuable customers such as yourself to our increasing portfolio of destination properties, private jet and yacht charters, exotic automobiles, limited-edition products and more through the strategic partnerships we have established with the world's most reputable brands.

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