Funds Transfer Terms & Conditions
  1. In respect of Telex and/or SWIFT transfer the Bank shall not be responsible or liable for damages:
    • If it failed to identify the person or persons named on the instructions.
    • If the payment is delayed out of failure by any party to give the message due for dispatch or through the message being delivered in mutilated or illegible conditions.
  2. Any overpayment that might have occurred due to wrong delivery of transfer messages by any party shall be refunded to the Bank.
  3. The receipt is not valid unless it bears the Bank Stamp and signature of the Bank Teller.
  4. All charges incurred outside UAE are debited from the account of the beneficiary.
  5. The Bank has the right to reveal, without notifying the applicant or seeking prior approval, the applicant’s personal or financial information, to any government, regulatory or legal authorities. The Bank also has the right to release such information to their personnel, advisors and agents who need such information to discharge their obligatory duties and the customer undertakes to provide (if required) additional information that has relevance for this purpose. The Customer hereby consents to such disclosure.
  6. The Bank has the right to reveal applicants personal or financial information, including but limited to any suspected money laundering transactions to any regulatory/legal authorities.
  7. The Bank reserves the right not to process the payment if the Bank becomes aware that it is not compliant with Shari'a rules and principles.
  8. The Bank will process this funds transfer instruction as per the information provided in this smart form, electronic details of which will be captured in the QR code generated within the form, and shall disregard any hand written amendment made to the printed form submitted to the Bank and/or any insertions / modifications made to the original form using any other software.
  9. For cross-currency transactions, the Customer hereby appoints ADIB as its agent to purchase the required foreign currency from a third party (s) or from its own sources at the rate (s) not more than a fixed rate of exchange agreed between the Parties which should not be changed once accepted by the Parties except by mutual consent. If ADIB purchases the required currency from a third party at a rate less than the agreed fixed rate, then the difference shall be incentive for ADIB under the agency.
  10. Transfer fees as per ADIB’s tariff schedule shall be deducted from your account immediately
  11. Additional fees may be applicable by the correspondent bank, intermediary bank, recipient and/or the beneficiary bank or by any entity providing financial services to the recipient and/or the beneficiary of the transfer. Please note that all such fees (if any) shall be deducted from the transfer amount.
  12. The transfer requests received on a working day will be processed within 24 hours. The actual time to complete a transfer may differ due to working days of the recipient and/or beneficiary bank, currency holidays, and/or the increased scrutiny by related banks and entities.
  13. In case of any insufficient information, errors or omissions an additional fee and charges may be applied and/or the transfer processing may be delayed.
  14. By confirming this transaction you accept to waive your right to avail the cooling-off period option of 5 business days as stipulated in Consumer Protection Standards. If you do not want to waive the cooling-off period option, please cancel this transaction.
  15. Transaction once submitted may not be cancelled.
    • Once the transfer request is submitted, it will be processed and cancellation and/or amendment may not be possible.
    • For assistance related to cancellation of a transaction, please call ADIB on 600543216 (Local) or on +971-2-6100600 (International) or visit any branch.
    • The cancellation request may require additional information and/or a written request.
    • The cancellation request is subject to and dependent on the corresponding, intermediary, recipient and/or the beneficiary bank, hence ADIB can only facilitate the request to an extent possible.
    • Once the transfer request is submitted, ADIB cannot take responsibility of cancellation, recall, and/or refund of the amount.
    • The cancellation request may take up to 30 working days to be processed.
  16. In addition to the above-mentioned Terms and Conditions, the relevant General Terms and Conditions for Accounts and Islamic Banking Services shall govern the above-mentioned transfer.

Disclaimer: Please be advised that, as per Central Bank guidelines, credit to accounts held in banks operating in UAE will be affected solely based on the beneficiary IBAN. All other information provided such as the beneficiary name and other details will not be used.​