This is how your equal monthly instalments are calculated


Shop now and pay in easy instalments over time with the Easy Instalment Plan on ADIB Mobile App!

The following terms and conditions apply:

  • Selected customer can convert any retail purchase transaction done on a valid Murabaha-based ADIB covered card into an Easy Installment Plan (EIP) within 30 days of the transaction date by calling ADIB Call Center (600543216) or via ADIB Mobile App.
  • Customer should not be overdue / delinquent at the time of booking the EIP.
  • Minimum amount that may be converted into an EIP is AED 500.
  • On conversion, the customer will be entitled to full or partial waiver of the Murabaha Monthly Instalment (Profit) in a proportional manner to the amount of the transaction that will be converted into EIP for the tenor of the EIP.
  • Any such waiver shall be at the full discretion of ADIB, and approval of such waiver will not imply that ADIB would have obligation to repeat such action in future.
  • The profit waiver amount and installment amount will be communicated and agreed with the customer before the EIP booking.
  • The first installment and waived Profit will start from the subsequent month of the month in which the EIP transaction has been executed, and every month the equal instalment and the waived Profit will be reflected in monthly statement until the date of last installment.
  • Existing minimum monthly payment schedule will apply.
  • In the event, the payment due on card is not received on the account before the due date, the Murabaha Monthly Installment (Profit) would not be proportionally waived for such EIP transaction.
  • ADIB reserves the rights to decline a request by any customer to avail this facility based on the prevailing policies and procedures .
  • By opting for this product, customer agrees to be bound by all other ADIB Covered Card Terms and Conditions that prohibit using ADIB Covered Card to purchase any non-Shari'a compliant products or services as determined by ADIB's Internal Shari’a Supervisory Committee including but not limited to alcohol, pork products, gambling, tobacco, casinos, bars, …etc.​