Key Benefits

Customizable dashboards providing you with holistic financial information and forecasting tools for your accounts with ADIB as well as other banks

Straight through payments reducing transaction time and cost

Detailed status and information on all your transactions

Alerts and Notifications via web, mobile and smart watch devices

Digital customer service and requests​​​​

U​tility payments

Account Statement​​​

ADIB Direct

This secure and centralized platform will allow you to view your account information and transact in real time from your computer and mobile devices. The platform will soon include Trade Finance and FX solutions that you will be able to access from the comfort of your office.

We have introduced flexible and configurable transactions limits which will be applied by default to your account so that you have better and secured control over the threshold of your payments.

ADIB Direct Mobile App

Take your banking experience to the next level with the Upgraded ADIB Direct Mobile App.

Designed specifically for our valued customers like you, the upgraded Mobile App offers a range of powerful features to streamline your business operations and increase productivity.

A Faster, Smoother, and More Powerful Mobile Banking Experience


For more information on all our Transaction Banking Products please download the detailed product brochure
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