Understanding the investor in you.


You are unique and so are your goals, financial circumstances and your approach to investing.

Our aim is to help you assess your ret​urn expectations and attitude to risk taking. We will then engineer an investment portfolio in accordance with these objectives by choosing from a range of appropriate financial products.

Your private banker will work closely with you and our wealth management specialists to regularly review and provide support on your investment portfolio as financial markets and your investment objectives are not constant and will change over time.​

At ADIB Private Banking we do more than simply offer advice. We are committed to sharing our knowledge and providing the detailed information you need to make the most sensible financial decisions for you and your family. 

On a regular basis, your private banker will provide you with our bespoke research on local and regional markets and economies, as well as reports on the global economic outlook.

We offer a suite of carefully preselected mutual funds as well as a number of other Shari'a compliant investment products such as structured products, equities and sukuk. We also have the capability to develop tailor-made structures to suit your specific needs. 

Successful money management requires a long term, rational and objective approach in order to develop a portfolio with a sensibly broad spread of investments. A well structured portfolio should also allow you to take advantage of changing circumstances as and when the financial markets present tactical investment opportunities.  With our team's extensive local, regional and global expertise we ensure that your financial assets work hard over time to enhance your wealth over the long term.


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