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As the economy starts to recover from the global pandemic and individuals and families start to plan for holidays, weddings, home finances and education, we want at ADIB to find ways to help them make the right financial choices.

That is the idea behind #hereforyou campaign which aims at supporting customers and individuals better plan their finances for 2021 and build financial security for themselves, their families and long-term futures. #hereforyou will give hands-on, practical introduction to personal finance and focuses on earning money, spending money wisely through budgeting, saving and investing money, using credit cautiously and protecting for the future.

Investing in the UAE

As the UAE enters its 50th year, the next half-century offers tremendous scope for investors. Click here to know more about UAE’s long-term investment opportunities

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Life events to plan

Every major life event requires its own financial plan. Read about the considerations for these key milestones here

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Planning for 2021

After the challenges of 2020, here’s what to consider for next year

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UAE’s TESS relief

Top questions about the UAE’s TESS relief answered

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5 tips to consider

Home finance is the first step to achieving your dreams of property ownership

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A guide to understanding home finance in the UAE

With a wide range of homes to choose from and low financing rates available

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How to set a budget for the New Year

A budget can reduce tension around money and help you meet your long-term financial goals. A new year is a good time to start

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How to spot bank fraud in the UAE

Scammers use different tricks to part you from your money, but by staying alert, you can easily protect yourself

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Planning your finances for Ramadan

A few simple strategies can help UAE residents rein in their spending and save money during the holy month this year

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Drowning in debt? This strategy can help

If you’re struggling with an overwhelming amount of debt in the UAE, consolidation can help you get to a better place

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Quick Tips to Boost Savings Now

Whatever your goal, these money-saving strategies will help you save money and build a net egg for uncertain times

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Best practices for credit cards

Poor credit card management can spell financial trouble for UAE residents. Stay ahead with these best practices for using covered and credit cards in the UAE

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Which digital wallet is right for you?

Mobile wallets available in the UAE come with many different benefits, but what are they and how do you decide which one to use?

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Understanding sustainable investments

Sustainable investments can contribute to social good while delivering capital returns. Our guide explains everything UAE residents need to know about this trending new asset class

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