Key Benefits

Free Darhoom Prepaid Card

Standing Instructions

No minimum balance

Attractive profit rate

Free Account

No fall below Fees

Prepaid card

Free Darhoom prepaid card

Mothers and fathers can open the Banoon Account

Unlimited cash withdrawals through tellers

You can use the teller service at any ADIB Branch free of cost. You can choose from over 70 branches in the UAE including Dana Women's Banking branches, 10-to-10 branches and our 24/7 branch at Abu Dhabi Airport

Expected Quarterly Profits

Monthly profit calculation and paid out every quarter

Standing Instructions

Standing Instructions for your convenience to help you to save regularly from your ADIB account to your child's Banoon Account

Free SMS services

Our SMS service lets you receive regular updates of your account activity on your cell phone.

* Darhoom is a special cartoon character created by ADIB to teach children about the importance of saving in a simple and easy way.

How is this Shari'a compliant?

This investment account is based on the Islamic principle of Mudaraba where you share profits and bear losses as stipulated in the Banking Service Agreement

Eligible customer:

  • ​UAE national and UAE resident
  • Children below 18 years old
  • Mother can open the account under Hiba contract
  • Father can open the account under Mudarabah contract
    • Passport/ID of Parent.
    • Passport/ID of child.
    • Valid Visa for expatriates.
    • 1000 AED as opening balance.