ADIB Business Gold Covered Card*

Covered Card limit up to AED 250,000.

Key Benefits

Covered Card limit up to AED 250,000

Advanced Chip & Pin Technology

60% Cash withdrawal

Unlimited Supplementary Cards​

Card Limit

Covered Card limit up to AED 250,000

Advanced Technology

Advanced technology means both advanced safety and greater convenience.With Chip&Pin and Contactless technology, your Card is one of the most advanced in the world.​

Unlimited Supplementary Cards​

Cash Withdrawal

60% Cash withdrawal limit​

ADIB Direct (Online Banking)

Option to use ADIB Direct (Online Banking) to fund the card as and when you need to

*ADIB Business Covered Cards are available for existing customers only

Required Documents

  • Valid and Original documents: Trade/Professional License, Commercial Registration, Chamber of Commerce Membership Certificate, Memorandum of Association, and any subsequent amendments and Power of Attorney, Board Resolution -if any- and others as applicable 
  • Original valid passport and passport Copies of all applicants including Residence Visa for signatories
  • Original valid passport and Emirates ID for the signer/s
  • Other docum​ents (as per financing requirements)​