ADIB Amwali app lets you manage and be smart with your money

Receive money from parents and others

Set up goals for things you are saving for

See how much money you have, what you are spending on and how much have you saved

Send and receive payments instantly from other friends on amwali

Pick your card design, daily shopping, online shopping, withdraw cash and add it to Apple Pay

Joining amwali as easy as 1-2-3

Once your amwali account is opened by your parent using the ADIB Mobile App, simply activate the ADIB Amwali App on your phone
Step 1
Download the ADIB Amwali App on your device.
Step 2
Scan the QR code on your parent’s ADIB Mobile App to authorize the app registration.
Step 3
That’s It. You can now start using the ADIB Amwali App.

No ADIB account for your parent?

Get your parent open an account using ADIB Mobile App in few clicks without the need to visit a branch

Get access to exclusive deals and offers