ADIB considers customers' information and records of utmost importance. ADIB​ uses state-of-art technologies and multi-layered security solutions to protect customer information and constantly evaluates, develops and implements advanced banking security measures.


  • A firewall is a network security system that prevents unauthorized access to the ADIB servers.  
  • ADIB deploys state-of-art security system to protect the banking system from external threats.

    Encryption (128 bit Secure Socket Layer)

    • When you successfully login to Online Banking using an authentic user ID and password, our web servers will establish a SSL (secure socket layer) connection with your computer.
    • SSL allows you to communicate with ADIB servers privately and prevents other computers from seeing what you are transacting; so you can conduct safe online banking with ADIB.
    • ADIB uses 128-bit encryption which is one of the strongest and more secure forms of encryption and most widely used worldwide.

      Digital Certificate

      • ADIB’s Internet Banking offers additional security in the form of Extended Validation (EV) Certificate.
      • EV Certificates add another layer of protection while providing a visual indicator to help identify ADIB site as legitimate and make your online banking experience more secure.
      • These digital certificates are issued by certification authorities to authenticate a website or elements of websites.
      • With this feature you can be sure you are on a legitimate ADIB Internet Banking website by simply looking for the green address bar displaying “Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank PJSC [AE]” in your browser.
      • ADIB’s EV certificates are issued by DigiCert Inc. a leading internet authentication institution. 

      Dual-factor Authentication

      • ADIB’s online banking login requires customers to input his/her user name and password.
      • In order to protect your account, the online banking session/access is disabled after three consecutive invalid login attempts to prevent fraudsters from attempting to misuse your username and password.
      ​One Time Password (OTP)
      • ADIB provides an additional layer of identity authentication through OTP (One-Time-Password) before you are allowed to perform specific task online.
      • OTP is a unique and time-bound 6 digits code which will be sent via SMS to your registered mobile phone number with ADIB. 
      • Following sensitive online activities will require authentication through OTP:
        • Adding Payees or Beneficiaries 
        • Update Profile Information
        • Registering Online Banking
        • Bill Payments
         Virtual Keyboard
        • ADIB is committed to provide secure banking experience to its customers and enhance password protection through virtual keyboard.
        • Virtual Keyboard is an online application to enhanced security against keystroke capturing by fraudsters.
        • It allows entering your password through mouse instead of using regular keyboard.  
        • The virtual keyboard is displayed with number keys in random order, rather than the standard 0-9, which changes every time the page is refreshed.
        • If you are not sure about the computer's security, ADIB recommend you to use virtual keyboard for entering password.
          Timed Log-off
          • Long period of inactive online banking session might expose you to online threats. ADIB has considered below points to keep your account protected: 
          • To further protect against unauthorized access to your accounts, our systems are designed to automatically terminate a secure online session if extended inactivity is detected. 
          • If your session is left idle the message will pop up after the specified time has elapsed, which will prompt you to either continue or terminate the session.
            Secure e-Statements
            •  ADIB is committed to provide environmental friendly banking experience and recommends its customers to subscribe for e-statement. All e-Statement data is encrypted during transition.
            • By subscribing for e-statement, you will be able to:
            • Have more secure, password protected and paperless account statement to registered email addresses.
            • Download and pr​int your account statement at your ease without any additional cost.

              ​SMS Alerts:

              ADIB facilitates customers with an option of enrolling to SMS services alerts to stay informed when important account information changes or transactions are made using your accounts. We recommend customers to use this service to receive timely alerts on your accounts.

              ATM, Card & PIN

              • ADIB is constantly strivi​ng to ensure a safe and secure banking experience. Introducing a new security feature - ADIB WebSecure – to protect Covered and Debit cards during online transactions. 
              • With ADIB WebSecure, your card gets added online protection while shopping with most of the leading online merchants that incorporate Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode.​
              • A simple procedure during your online transaction ensures your purchase is authorized by you.

              Anti-Skimming Devices:      

              • Skimming is a technique used by criminals to copy card data from the magnetic strip on a Covered / Debit card.
              • ADIB ATMs are deployed with intelligent anti-skimming devices to prevent tampering or interference of ATM machines.
              • Intelligent anti-skimming mechanism is equipped with security features that prevents the copying of your card data and sends security alerts to the bank.
                • ​​​​

              If you notice any unusual/ suspicious transaction on your account, please contact ADIB immediately on our 24/7 Call Center at Fraud Hotline: +971 26100116