Download ADIB Mobile banking app for all your banking needs

You can manage your money on the go like never before with the ADIB Mobile Banking App



The ADIB Mobile Banking App - a simpler, safer and smarter way for you to manage your money on the go like never before!               

In addition to being the one place for all your transaction needs, the ADIB mobile banking app also allows you to:

Pair your app with
Apple Watch
Enjoy enhanced security
with Touch ID
Freeze/Unfreeze your
Personalise your accounts
Open a new account
Add new beneficiaries
Send money to your friends directly
to their phone or through an ADIB ATM
Thats not all, with ADIB mobile banking app you can also get:
Location of all ADIB Branches & ATMs
Transaction detail with a single tap
A timeline of all your account transactions
Mobile banking as it should be.

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