Q. What is ADIB Dana Women's Banking?​

A. Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank has a clear understanding that our women success is t​he bank success, ADIB has developed a highly innovative and strategic range of products and services to meet every aspect of your financial requirements be it personal or business related.

Q. What is the meaning of the name DANA?

A. The DANA brand mark was inspired by the deep meaning and value of the ''pearl'' in our surrounding culture. The word 'pearl' means "DANA" in Arabic. This naming is to add value to our imaginary image that is became reality; the name "DANA" has its own significant value as it is used for dearly belongings, and it is also a much appreciated female name. This adds a strong impact to our choice of the name "DANA". And we consider our valued customer is our 'Dana''.

Q. What are the key features of ADIB Dana Women's Banking Propositions?

A. In Dana Women's banking we offer special customized products for the target group of women clients along with dedicated distribution channels. We recognize that women have different needs and require a more personalized approach to banking. Therefore we have worked on consistent sub segments with the bank's priority banking (Gold & Diamond) customers, where we have created unique services for our VIP female customers (Dana Gold & Dana Diamond).

Q. What are the products and services that Dana Women's Banking offers?

A. We offer you access to world class banking privileges while still respecting your culture values. From current and savings Accounts to Financing Products. ADIB Dana Accounts: Current Account, Savings Account, Time Deposit Investment Account, Short Term Investment Account, Banoon Children's Savings Account, Ghina Savings Programme ADIB Dana Financing Products: Al Khair Liabilities Settlement, Car Finance, Travel Finance, Education Finance, Shares Finance, General Finance, Home Finance.

Q. Is ADIB Dana part of ADIB network branches?

A. Yes, and you are welcome to visit us in our exclusive segregated Ladies branches which are distributed throughout UAE regions for your comfort and privacy while doing your day to day banking needs.

Q. What are ADIB Dana Communication and Services Channels?

A. ADIB Dana offers you five convenient ways to manage your accounts wherever you are, whenever you wish.

  • i. ADIB Dana Network of Branches
  • ii. ADIB ATM Network
  • iii. ADIB Phone Banking Services
  • iv. e ADIB Online Banking Services
  • v. ADIB Mobile Banking Services
  • vi. SMS Banking Services
  • vii. ADIB Dana Kiosks​