Let our Idikhar Plus Secure Takaful product help you plan your retirement, live comfortably and protect your loved ones.

100% Sharia Compliant

Optional additional benefits to suit your lifestyle

Flexible monthly / quarterly / half yearly and yearly payment plans

Up to AED 3 million cover without any medical examination


How to get Idikhar Plus Secure?

Simply press the 'Apply Now' button on the right, give us your details and one of our financial advisors will contact you to provide you with the tailored solution to your needs.

About the Takaful Provider

ADIB has selected Islamic Arab Insurance Company (SALAMA) for Idikhar Plus Secure. For more information about the Takaful provider please visit www.salama.ae

*Terms and Conditions apply, For the Idikhar Plus Secure terms and conditions, click here.