The ADIB Short Term Investment Account offers daily access to your wealth along with the possibility to earn profits for investment amounts starting at AED 100,000/-.​​​


Your Benefits Include:

A Higher Expected Profit Rate
A higher profit rate is expected for ADIB Short Term Investment Account holders (compared to a regular Savings Account).  Profits are calcula​ted daily and credited to your account on a monthly basis. Please note that you need to maintain a minimum daily balance of AED 10,000 to be eligible to earn profit.
 Standing Instructions help manage your time by automatically making payments for regular transactions (such as bill payments, transfers, donations or installments) on your chosen dates. 
 Foreign currency remittances in USD and GBP.
 No additional charge for AED 0.00 balance.
 Account Statements​
Your account statements are also sent to you by postal mail on a quarterly basis.​​​​

  • Original passport - for Joint Accounts, please bring all original passports and all account holders should be present.
  • Valid Emirates ID (for UAE Nationals & Residents)
  • ​A minimum fixed investment of AED 10,000/- is required.​​​​

Customer Profit Rate for August 2021

Tier 10 K - 500 K 501 K - 2000 K 2001 K - 5000 K > 5001 K 
AED & USD0.39%0.40%0.41%0.42%
EUR 0.39% 0.40% 0.41% 0.42%
GBP 0.39% 0.40% 0.41% 0.42%
CAD 0.39% 0.40% 0.41% 0.42%
JPY 0.39% 0.40% 0.41% 0.42%
Profit Rate for Islamic Credit Card Cover 0.39%


  • Above are the actual profit distribution rates for AED & USD deposits for August 2021. Future month profit distribution rates, if any, may vary and will be made in accordance with the ADIB’s Banking Services Agreement.  
  • Please note that profit distributions to Short term investment account is on monthly basis.​