Looking to save for your children’s future? Start saving today with the Banoon Children’s Savings Account; also gift your children with ‘Darhoom’ – their first Prepaid Debit Card.​​     


Your Benefits Include:

  • Darhoom Prepaid Debit Card  (first prepaid card for children) 
  • Standing Instructions for your convenience to help you save regularly from your ADIB account to your child's Banoon Account.​
  • Mobile App 
  • A higher expected profit rate

* Darhoom is a special cartoon character created by ADIB to teach children about the importance of saving in a simple and easy way.

How is this Shari'a compliant?

This investment account is based on the Islamic principle of Mudaraba where you share profits and bear losses as stipulated in the Banking Service Agreemen​​​t

Announcement of Profit Distribution Method

  • ​ Passport/ID of Parent.
  • Passport/ID of child.
  • Valid Visa for expatriates.
  • 1000 AED as opening balance. 
  • Valid Emirates ID of Parent & Child (for UAE Nationals & Residents)​​

Customer Profit Rate for May 2021

Tier 5 K - 10 K 10 K - 25 K 25 K - 250 K > 250 K 
GBP 0.31% 0.32% 0.33% 0.61%
EUR 0.31% 0.32% 0.33% 0.61%


  • ​Above are the actual profit distribution for May 2021. Future month profit distribution rates, if any, may vary and will be made in accordance with the ADIB’s Banking Services Agreement. 
  • Please note that profit distribution to the Banoon Children Savings account is on quarterly basis​