You can also realize your dreams of becoming a millionaire with the ADIB Ghina Salary Account!

Saving is winning with ADIB Ghina Salary Account.


Transfering your salary is winning with ADIB Ghina!  


Transfer your salary to ADIB and you can participate in the AED 3 million Ghina prize draw (and other prizes) by maintaining an average monthly balance of AED 20,000 with the ADIB Ghina Salary Account. 


Here’s how this works:  

  • ​ Open a Ghina Salary Account; transfer your salary (minimum AED 8,000) to ADIB.            

  • Maintain an average monthly balance of AED 20,000 to get your first Ghina draw entry.            

  • Get an extra Ghina draw entry every month for every AED 20,000 average monthly balance in your Ghina Salary Account.

  • If the monthly average balance of the Ghina Salary Account falls below AED 20,000, then the Account Holder will lose all the collected Ghina draw entries and Ghina welcome draw entry. A new Ghina salary draw entry calculation cycle will start accordingly.

  • The Account Holder should at least have four Ghina draw entries to enter the Ghina grand draw, (a maximum of 1,000 draw entries are allowed per account per draw).

  • All Ghina draw entries will expire immediately/ re-set to zero upon their participation in the Ghina grand draw .

  • For more information about the Ghina Salary Account draw schedule and winner list, kindly refer to Ghina Savings Account

Your benefits include: 

  • ​ Free ADIB Visa Electron Debit Card​​  to access your account and funds instantly ​​at any ATM or retail outlet. 

  • Expected monthly profits​ calculated on a monthly basis and credited to your account every month. 

  • ADIB Mobile Banking App! Bank anytime, anywhere with the ADIB Mobile Banking App - available for all iPhone and Android devices. 

  • Standing Instructions to manage your time by automatically making payments for regular transactions (such as bill payments, transfers, donations or installments) on your chosen dates. 

  • 24 Hour Banking Services​, in addition to our mobile app, you will always have e-ADIB Internet Banking, Telephone Banking, and SMS Banking.​

  • Ghina Salary account (SPA) holder can also avail a Cheque book, (first Cheque book comes free while additional ones can be obtained by paying AED 25)  


 Salary transfer with ADIB Ghina is easy and rewarding 

  • ​​​Eligible to participate in Ghina grand prize of AED 3 million every 4 months.

  • Eligible to participate in the monthly draw of 10 lucky winners, win AED 10,000 every month!​​​​​​​​


So Hurry! Join ADIB Ghina Salary Account Now, to start saving smartly.​


How is this Shari'a compliant?​

This investment account is based on the Islamic principle of Mudaraba where you share profits and bear losses as stipulated in the Banking Service Agreement. ​​​​​​​

All prizes granted to the ADIB Ghina Winners shall be exclusively from ADIB’s shareholders funds at the sole discretion of ADIB.

Terms and conditions apply



  • Original passport.
  • Valid Emirates ID (for UAE Nationals & Residents)​
  • A Salary certificate from your employer with minimum salary of AED 8,000