Use your ADIB Covered or Debit Card at any American Eagle store across the UAE or at and enjoy 10% off!


The follo​wing terms and conditions apply:

  • Offer applicable in stores and online.
  • Offer applicable on top of any other existing offers or promotions running in store and online.
  • The online offer is valid upon using ADIB10 promo code on
  • Offer applicable upon paying through valid ADIB Covered or Debit Card.
  • The cost of discounts detailed above will be fully borne by Alshaya.
  • ADIB Covered Card Terms and Conditions and the General Terms and Conditions for Accounts and Islamic Banking Services shall apply which, among other things, prohibit the Cardholder to use the ADIB Card to purchase any non-Shari'a compliant items as determined by the Internal Shari’a Supervisory Committee of ADIB including but not limited to, alcohol, pork products, gambling, tobacco, casinos, bars, nightclubs, merchants selling and/or providing pornography related products and/or services.
  • Additional terms and conditions of Alshaya may be applied to the extent that such terms and conditions do not contradict with the Terms and Conditions of ADIB Covered Card and the Terms and Conditions of ADIB Debit Card.​​