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ADIB Offers you a comprehensive suite of flexible online financial solutions—all designed to help you increase productivity and manage your cash flow​.​​

With real-time global account access and customizable setup features, you gain control over your critical financial functions at every level of your organization. Keep track of your payments, receivables, liquidity and the changing value of your assets—all with one secure ​solution.

Full control of your internal security with flexible administration tools, managing access to tools and reporting options to  streamline internal processes and improve your operational efficiency.

Our accounts reporting tool enables your authorized users to view up to date information (Balance and Transaction) on your Current, Deposit, Islamic Financing, and Trade Financing  accounts.

The Cash Services tool  will enable you to view your issued as well as collected cheque details and status.

Transfer tools enable you to make real-time inter-account, domestic , international, direct credits and direct debits, covered card transfers either through ad-hoc manual input or saved templates and beneficiaries or via file upload. Whereas, the Bill Pay tool enables you to pay your vendors your bills.  It is simple and straight-through processing (Debited and Credited accounts will show your transaction straight away).

We offer Standard reports as well as the option to customize your own reports and download in XLS, CSV, HTML, TXT formats in order to be used later in your reconciliation to match your company requirements​​​